War Among Clans
The land among Clans is decreasing. Prey is scarce and water sources are rare. The four Clans: Treeclan, Blazeclan, Lakeclan, and Shardclan are fighting over it, innocents killed from this rivalry. Which side will you choose?

Do not register if you don't think you will be active! ;)

War rages for land among the Clans: Treeclan, Blazeclan, Lakeclan, and Shardclan. Choose your side and fight for the forest.
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 Character Template

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PostSubject: Character Template    Fri Jun 28, 2013 3:21 pm

Obviously, in order to roleplay, you need a character. This is where you can create a character (or just adopt one here).
When creating multiple characters, please create a new topic for each character. Once a character is approved it will be moved to the Approved Characters section by a mod or admin, where you will be unable to edit it. You are free to create a post for your characters in the Character Records section.
If your cat dies or is killed, as long as they were a Clan cat you may roleplay them as a StarClan cat, where it has the power to talk to the living in their dreams or even tell prophecies. (Make sure you get someone's permission before invading their dream or including them in a prophecy.) You're also free to start off as a StarClan or Dark Forest cat.

Please also read the Character Creation Guide before attempting to create your character.

Please use this form when creating your character. Take a look at character templates in the Approved Characters section if you are stuck for ideas.

[size=12][b] Name:[/b]
[b] Sex:[/b]
[b] Age:[/b]
[b] Appearance:[/b]
[b] Personality:[/b]
[b] Clan and Rank:[/b]
[b] History:[/b]
[b] Other:[/b]
[b] Roleplay Sample:[/b]
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Character Template
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