War Among Clans
The land among Clans is decreasing. Prey is scarce and water sources are rare. The four Clans: Treeclan, Blazeclan, Lakeclan, and Shardclan are fighting over it, innocents killed from this rivalry. Which side will you choose?

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War rages for land among the Clans: Treeclan, Blazeclan, Lakeclan, and Shardclan. Choose your side and fight for the forest.
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 Sicknesses and Ailments

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PostSubject: Sicknesses and Ailments    Sat Jun 08, 2013 3:00 pm

These are known ailments and injuries. Here you can view more ailments and the herbs to use on them:

Ailments and Injuries

Aching joints: Arthritis in cats,mostly elders.

Chill: A very mild sickness; like whitecough, but instead of fever, chills.

Cough: A regular cough--what a cold would be to a human; dangerous to elders and young kits.

Cracked pads: The paw of a cat becomes cracked from dryness or cold.

Greencough: Similar to pneumonia in humans--symptoms include coughing, wheezing, pus dripping from eyes, sneezing, and fever.

Whitecough: A milder version of greencough.

Blackcough: A very severe version of greencough, always fatal.

Poisoning: Poisoning from deathberries, Twoleg junk, etc.
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Sicknesses and Ailments
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