War Among Clans
The land among Clans is decreasing. Prey is scarce and water sources are rare. The four Clans: Treeclan, Blazeclan, Lakeclan, and Shardclan are fighting over it, innocents killed from this rivalry. Which side will you choose?

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War rages for land among the Clans: Treeclan, Blazeclan, Lakeclan, and Shardclan. Choose your side and fight for the forest.
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 Whitemoon's template

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21 Moons (1 year and 9 months)

Whitemoon is an undersized lightfooted she-cat of Treeclan. Her eyes are the same orange color of the moon and are almost as round. They give her an innocent look, making it seem like she is younger than she actually is. Most cat's often miss the sparkle of wisdom that shine's in her depths. They question if she is too naive to be a medicine cat.
Whitemoon's size is an advantage and disadvantage to herself. It allows her to fit into smaller spaces and hide better than others, however it allows larger predators to prey on her and easily take her down. Along with her small size, Whitemoon has a rather acute sense of smell. That allows her to sniff out the herbs she needs. Or to locate wounds on a cat's body.
Whitemoon's fur is a mixture of silver, dark grey, grey and light grey. Each blending with one another to form a beautiful array of shades. Her fur is soft and is in the middle of being long furred and short furred. With a delicate tail that is tipped white at the end and a white crown pattern around her eyes. Whitemoon's muzzle is also white with an array of different lengths of whiskers. Her ears are daintly shaped and help to add an even more naive look to her face.

Personality: Kind-hearted to a fault, wise, responsible.

Kind-hearted: Whitemoon will always help another even if they are from another clan. Since she is so kind, it is often her hubrus. She could not hurt another even if it cost her, her life.

Wise: Whitemoon is wise, as is every medicine cat. She knows what she has to do as her duty to a medicine cat, and will often give advice to many.

Responsible: Responsibility is something Whitemoon's old mentor had made sure she learned. Knowing her duties and fulfilling them to her best capabilities. Also being a good-role model to all around her.

Clan and Rank:
Treeclan Medicine-Cat.

Whitemoon was born on a full moon, that was a beautiful white. Her mother and father, Sagefire and Darkmask, decided to name her Whitekit after the beautiful moon. Whitekit had one other sibling named Badgerkit, a dark brown tom with bright green eyes. Whitekit and Badgerkit were the only two kits in the nursery for 6 moons, and when they became apprentices they were the only two. Whitemoon began her journey as a warrior wishing to follow her father's and mother's steps. However one day when her mentor Brightstep was attacked by a fox the medicine cat Littlecloud asked Whitemoon to assit him in healing Brightstep. As Whitemoon helped Littlecloud she found a strange happiness in healing and asked Littlecloud if she could follow in the toms footsteps. It was than that she became Whitemoon a moon before Littlecloud died.

Other: Whitemoon would love to have an apprentice to care for and mentor.

Roleplay Sample:
Whitemoon winced at the sharp feeling of cold water as she waded through the clear blue water. Making sure to keep to the shallows, the petite she-cat kept dipped the dark green moss in. She allowed it to soak up a large amount of water before making her way out. Shaking out any remaining water droplets, Whitemoon made her way back to the Treeclan camp.


T = Time
A = And
R = Relative
D = Dimensions
I = In
S = Space
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GREAT Template! :D
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Whitemoon's template
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