War Among Clans
The land among Clans is decreasing. Prey is scarce and water sources are rare. The four Clans: Treeclan, Blazeclan, Lakeclan, and Shardclan are fighting over it, innocents killed from this rivalry. Which side will you choose?

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War rages for land among the Clans: Treeclan, Blazeclan, Lakeclan, and Shardclan. Choose your side and fight for the forest.
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 Berrytail's Character Form

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PostSubject: Berrytail's Character Form   Sat Jul 13, 2013 3:52 pm

Name: Berrytail
Sex: Tom
Age: 3 years
Appearance:Berrytail has short brown fur with a  reddish tinge. His tail is a few inches shorter than it should be, because of a kit-hood accident.
Personality: Berrytail is a loyal friend. He pretends to be a tough cat but is really delicate inside and gets hurt easily. He tries to see the best in everyone, which can lead him into traps and makes him gullible. He loves to have fun and tries to bring laughs out of everyone he is with. He is brave when others are in danger but if he stands alone and there is no one to protect he often crumbles.
Clan and Rank: BlazeClan Warrior
History: Berrytail grew up in BlazeClan. A few days after he was born a rival clan attacked and when the kits were escaping a cat bit the end of his tail and a bit got torn off. With a bloodied tail he escaped. Luckily, the medicine cat stopped the bleeding but could do nothing to replace the part he lost. His name had already been Berrykit, but his mother agreed with the fact that it was a good name, seeing as his tail had looked like dark berries had been crushed on it. When his apprentice days came, he bore the scarred tail with pride, being one of the only apprentices to have such a dramatic scar. His warrior ceremony was a great day for him, his mentor had taught him loyalty and bravery.
Other:Ummm not really
Roleplay Sample: Berrytail sat on the stump, his tail waving back and forth in concentration. Suddenly, he pounced, attacking a leaf that had drifted down from the trees. "Gotcha," he yowled.
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A = And
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PostSubject: Re: Berrytail's Character Form   Sat Jul 13, 2013 4:32 pm

Very nice template.
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Berrytail's Character Form
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