War Among Clans
The land among Clans is decreasing. Prey is scarce and water sources are rare. The four Clans: Treeclan, Blazeclan, Lakeclan, and Shardclan are fighting over it, innocents killed from this rivalry. Which side will you choose?

Do not register if you don't think you will be active! ;)

War rages for land among the Clans: Treeclan, Blazeclan, Lakeclan, and Shardclan. Choose your side and fight for the forest.
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 Ravenwhisker Wiggles to the Forum. c:

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PostSubject: Ravenwhisker Wiggles to the Forum. c:   Sun Jun 30, 2013 3:57 pm

Sex: Male
Age:3 years
Appearance: Ravenwhisker is a short haired cat and has black ears, muzzle, legs and tail, that slowly fades to a brownish color. He also has light blue eyes.(In other words a Siamese cat.)
Personality: Ravenwhisker is more of the outgoing type rather than the shy type. He's a friendly cat and loves to be around people because it's sad to be alone. Raven is also nice around kit's and apprentices because they look up to warriors and adults. But, Ravenwhisker can get rude and angry when he wants to be.
Clan and Rank: Treeclan, Warrior please.
History: Ravenwhisker was raised in a nice clan, with a mom and dad, a sister and a brother. Raven was the youngest of the family but was treated as if he were the eldest. Which means if his siblings were fighting, they would go to him for help instead of a adult or their parents. Raven got tired of having to practically take care of everyone so he left the clan as soon as he was appointed his warrior name. He was thinking about joining a different clan, hoping things would be different.
Other: Likes to cheer other people up when they are feeling down.
Roleplay Sample: Ravenwhisker happily bounces into camp with a mouse in his jaws, heading for the fresh kill pile. Gently setting it down, he turns swiftly and heads back out into the forest.

T = Time
A = And
R = Relative
D = Dimensions
I = In
S = Space
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PostSubject: Re: Ravenwhisker Wiggles to the Forum. c:   Sun Jun 30, 2013 7:41 pm

Welcome to the forum! c:

Great bio.
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Ravenwhisker Wiggles to the Forum. c:
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